Invitation to First Council


  • Over the years several individuals have disconnected from standard urban lifestyles and have begun participating in various communities around the globe practising alternative lifestyles

  • This has led to rediscovery of long lost secrets on sustainable lifestyles where man was in harmony with his fellow beings, nature and the universe at large.

    Where there is righteousness in the heart

    There is beauty in the character.

    When there is beauty in the character,

    There is harmony in the home.

    When there is harmony in the home,

    There is order in the nation.

    When there is order in the nation,

    There is peace in the world.’

    • APJ Abdul Kalam in UN address
  • What our society lacks is a framework where a lot of this rediscovered knowledge can be spread and re-integrated into our day-to-day lives.

  • There have been attempts in the past by visionaries like Sri Aurobindo - Mirra Alfassa (Auroville), Rajneesh(OSHO Oregon city), Madame Blavatsky - Colonel Olcott (Theosophical Society). These unfortunately could not scale beyond their region or were not sustainable.

  • We want to build a foundational layer(or Blueprint) that can integrate these learnings and take it back to the masses in their respective ecosystems, which we’ll call new earth societies.


By enabling easy integration of knowledge across ecosystems we enable each individual to attain greater harmony with fellow beings, nature and the universe at large.

To do so we propose a blueprint for new earth societies to emerge.

  • Identify an initial set of domains that are integral to the sustenance of any healthy ecosystem.
  • Curation of first set of visionaries in each domains
  • Enable these visionaries to create modules to propagate their vision into any other ecosystems. There modules comprise of three components:
    • Theory: Books, Blogs, Documents, etc
    • Practical: Workshops, Sessions, Events
    • Community(Culture): Offline/Online gatherings, forums, ad-hoc meetups
      • Direct undercurrents
      • Like minded people
      • Community leads to set stage
  • Have modules specific to each domain that represents an essential aspect of these new earth societies.

If you believe that you can contribute to the development of new earth collective in any manner please join our forum and take part in our discussions.

Some ways in which you can contribute:

  1. Tech: Development/Design efforts
  2. Content: Content creation and social media marketing
  3. Deep knowledge in any domain(Health, Somatics, Agriculture etc) and want to use our community to enhance and publish your knowledge
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